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Tailor-made loans to secure your future.

Logbook Loans

  • Do you have a car and need a loan? Your car is cash!
  • This facility covers up to 50% of your car's value regardless of age, brand, or model and can be repaid in affordable installments.
  • Get up to Ksh. 1 Million within 24 hours and continue driving your car. Repayment period is 18 months.
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Check-off Loans

  • Get a check-off loan as a government employee, or an employee of a company that has an agreement with Kifedha.
  • The check-off loan of up to Ksh. 1.5 Million is repayable in up to 10 years, with monthly repayments remitted by your employer.
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Import Duty Loans

  • This short term facility is designed to help you settle 100% of import charges seamlessly and on time.
  • We pay for import duty, storage charges and demurrages (if any), clearing, forwarding and lastly, facilitate transportation to the final destination up to 50% of the car's value.
  • Receive up to Ksh. 1 Million, and pay within 18 months.
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Our application process is fast and simple.

Kifedha loans make it possible to receive funding in 4 easy steps.

1. Apply for a Loan

Once you find a loan product that fits your needs, apply online or at one of our five branches.

2. Submit your Documents

Our sales executives will reach out for additional information needed to process your application.

3. Accept your Loan Offer

After submission of all necessary documents, we will share a loan offer letter for your review and sign-off.

4. Receive your Funds

Upon acceptance of our offer, you will receive your cash in 24 hours… or less!

My eldest son suddenly fell sick and I was not able to pay his hospital bills. Thanks to Kifedha's quick loans, my son is now well and back in school.

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Thank you Kifedha for helping me grow my business. The employees were very professional, knowledgeable and great. Fast and effecient is how I would describe the process.

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