Quick Logbook Loan Business Financing For Accountant In Juja

Quick Logbook Loan Business Financing For Accountant In Juja

In the bustling town of Juja, 34-year-old Ted Muasya, an accountant at a parastatal, found himself facing a crucial business dilemma. As an aspiring entrepreneur, Ted needed financial support to capitalize on a lucrative business opportunity. With orders lined up for his side hustle and a pressing need to purchase stocks, Ted turned to Kifedha Limited for a solution.

Table of Contents

  1. Loan Overview
  2. Customer Challenges
  3. Solution Provided by Kifedha Limited
  4. Key Benefits of Kifedha's Logbook Loan
  5. About Kifedha Limited
  6. Get in Touch

Loan Overview

Client: Ted Muasya
Age: 34 years
Location: Juja
Occupation: Accountant at a parastatal
Need: Finance his business
Loan Amount: KES 300,000
Type of Loan: Logbook
Vehicle Used as Security: Toyota Premio

Customer Challenges Ted faced a critical situation where he needed to purchase stocks for his side hustle promptly. With the goods in high demand, any delay in securing funds could result in losing the opportunity to his competitors. The urgency of the situation necessitated a quick and reliable financing

Solution Provided by Kifedha Limited Ted's journey with Kifedha began through a referral from a trusted loan agent. The loan agent provided comprehensive guidance throughout the process, from outlining requirements to collecting documents and pushing the approval process forward. Thanks to
Kifedha's efficient procedures, Ted received the funds in his account via Pesalink within just 10 minutes of approval.

Key Benefits of Kifedha's Logbook Loan

  • Crystal Clear Fees: Ted appreciated the transparency in Kifedha's fee structure, ensuring no hidden charges or surprises.
  • Composed and Accommodating Staff: The professionalism and understanding exhibited by Kifedha's staff made the entire experience hassle-free for Ted.
  • Undemanding Application Process: Kifedha's streamlined application process allowed Ted to focus on his business needs without unnecessary paperwork or delays.

About Kifedha Limited

Kifedha Limited, established in 2016, is a trusted provider of logbook loans in
Kenya. With a commitment to serving the community, Kifedha offers financing solutions for various needs, including working capital, medical emergencies, school fees, business expansion, and home repairs. With branches conveniently located in Ongata Rongai, Kitengela, Ngara, Kiambu, and Thika, Kifedha serves customers across Nairobi, Kiambu, Machakos, and Kajiado Counties.

Get in Touch To explore flexible and reliable logbook loans tailored to your needs, contact Kifedha Limited through our contact form, call us on +254791573231 or visit one of our branches to explore financial opportunities.