Logbook Loan In Mlolongo Helps University Lecturer To Boost Her Side Hustle

Logbook Loan In Mlolongo Helps University Lecturer To Boost Her Side Hustle

In the bustling town of Mlolongo, Machakos, 48-year-old Fatuma Mohammed, a dedicated university lecturer, had a unique side hustle - rearing and selling goats for meat. Her story is a testament to how a logbook loan from Kifedha Limited became the financial catalyst she needed to purchase goats and
thrive in her meat-selling venture.

Table of Contents

  • Meet Fatuma Mohammed
  • The Challenge
  • The Solution: A Logbook Loan from Kifedha Limited
  • Key Benefits of the Logbook Loan
  • Navigating the Application Process
  • The Result: Thriving Business and Satisfied Customer
  • Fatuma's Testimonial
  • Conclusion

Meet Fatuma Mohammed
Fatuma, a seasoned university lecturer, is known for her passion for education. However, she also nurtured another passion - a thriving goat rearing and meat-selling business.
The Challenge
In the world of goat rearing, timing is everything. Fatuma knew that the demand for goat meat skyrocketed during the Christmas season, offering an excellent opportunity for profits. However, she faced a significant challenge: she needed funds urgently to purchase new goats for her business.
The Solution: A Logbook Loan from Kifedha Limited
Understanding the urgency of her situation, Fatuma turned to Kifedha Limited, a reputable logbook loan provider with a track record of serving the community since 2016. Fatuma applied for a logbook loan, seeking KES 280,000 to invest in high-quality goats and meet the soaring Christmas demand.
Key Benefits of the Logbook Loan
Fatuma enjoyed several key benefits during her logbook loan experience:

  • No Hidden Charges: One of the standout features of Kifedha Limited's services is the transparency in loan terms. Fatuma didn't encounter any hidden charges or unexpected fees, ensuring a clear and straightforward financial journey.
  • Straightforward Application Process: The application process at Kifedha Limited was designed with the customer in mind. Fatuma appreciated the simplicity and ease of applying for the loan.
  • Speedy Disbursement: Recognizing the urgency of her need, Kifedha Limited offered swift disbursement of the loan funds. The availability of online payments, including M-PESA, ensured that Fatuma had access to the required funds
    within 24 hours.

Navigating the Application Process
Fatuma's logbook loan journey was made seamless by the diligent support of the sales team leader at Kifedha Limited's Kitengela branch. This professional not only simplified the application process but also provided crucial support and follow-up until Fatuma received the funds she urgently required.

The Result: Thriving Business and Satisfied Customer
Thanks to the timely logbook loan from Kifedha Limited, Fatuma was able to purchase high-quality goats to meet the surge in demand during the Christmas season. Her successful business venture not only provided financial stability but also allowed her to continue pursuing her passion for education.

Fatuma's Testimonial
"The Kifedha team members were very patient and understanding. I was able to have a friendly discussion and got correct guidance through the process," Fatuma said about her experience.

Fatuma's story is a shining example of how logbook loans can empower individuals with diverse business aspirations. Kifedha Limited's commitment to transparency, efficient processes, and dedicated customer support played a pivotal role in Fatuma's journey to success.

Whether it's for working capital, medical emergencies, school fees, or business expansion, Kifedha Limited remains a trusted partner for individuals seeking logbook loans in Nairobi, Kiambu, Machakos, and Kajiado Counties. With loan amounts ranging from KES 50,000 to 1,000,000, based on vehicle make
and model and client eligibility, Kifedha Limited continues to support dreams and businesses like Fatuma's.

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