Emergency Medical Logbook Loan For Civil Servant In Langata Nairobi

Emergency Medical Logbook Loan For Civil Servant In Langata Nairobi

Table of Contents

  1. Loan Overview
  2. Fast and Compassionate Financing
  3. Hassle-Free Application Process
  4. Flexibility for Financial Ease
  5. Personal Referral for Trust
  6. Serving the Community Since 2016
  7. Get in Touch for Your Financial Solutions

Loan Overview

  • Loan Amount: KES 200,000
  • Vehicle Used: Toyota Premio
  • Loan Type: Logbook Loan
  • Purpose: Medical Emergency
  • Location: Langata

Challenges Faced: Amanda needed a substantial deposit for a leading hospital admission for her sick relative and sought a longer repayment period.

Fast and Compassionate Financing
In the bustling suburb of Langata, civil servant Amanda Mwende faced an urgent medical crisis, requiring immediate attention and a hefty deposit for admission to a reputable hospital. With a need for both speed and compassion, Amanda turned to Kifedha Limited for a logbook loan.

Hassle-Free Application Process
One of the key benefits Amanda experienced was the straightforward application process. Kifedha's commitment to a hassle-free application ensured that Amanda's focus remained on her relative's health rather than bureaucratic red tape.

Flexibility for Financial Ease

Amanda, being a civil servant, needed a solution that aligned with her financial capabilities. The flexibility offered by Kifedha in setting the loan repayment period at 18 months was a crucial factor. This not only provided financial relief but also made monthly repayments more manageable.

Personal Referral for Trust
Amanda's journey with Kifedha began through a personal referral, underlining the trust people have in the services provided. It speaks volumes about the institution's commitment to customer satisfaction and reliability.

Serving the Community Since 2015
Kifedha Limited, with operations since 2015, has been a pillar of support for individuals like Amanda. In over 2,500 transactions, Kifedha has proven its commitment to providing logbook loans that cater to various needs, including medical emergencies, school fees, business expansion, and home repairs.

Get in Touch for Your Financial Solutions
To explore flexible and reliable logbook loans tailored to your needs, contact Kifedha Limited. With branches in Ongata Rongai, Kitengela, Ngara, Kiambu, and Thika, Kifedha serves customers in Nairobi, Kiambu, Machakos, and Kajiado Counties.

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