The Secret To Picking The Best Comprehensive Car Insurance For You In Kenya

The Secret To Picking The Best Comprehensive Car Insurance For You In Kenya

In the world of insurance, the choice between comprehensive coverage providers can significantly impact the outcome of an unexpected event. Let's examine two clients, James Thuo and Valerie Nduma, who opted for comprehensive insurance but had vastly different experiences with their respective insurers.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. James Thuo's Experience
  3. Valerie Nduma's Experience
  4. How to Pick a Reputable Insurance Company

James Thuo's Experience

  • Client: James Thuo
  • Age: 37 years
  • Location: Ruiru
  • Occupation: Consultant
  • Need: Renewal of third party insurance cover
  • Insurance Premiums:
    • Company A: KES 35,000
    • Company B: KES 46,240
  • Vehicle Insured: Toyota Premio
  • Key Benefits: Peace of mind, quick and empathetic response, quick claim

The defining Moment: James initially considered opting for the cheaper
insurance option but was persuaded by his agent to choose Company B due to
its excellent reputation. Four months later, James had an accident, and despite
his reluctance to choose the more expensive option initially, he was grateful for
the prompt and compassionate response from Company B during the claims

Valerie Nduma's Experience

  • Client: Valerie Nduma
  • Age: 43 years
  • Location: Athi River
  • Occupation: Tours and Travel Operator
  • Need: Comprehensive insurance cover for a logbook loan
  • Insurance Premiums:
    • Company A: KES 32,000
    • Company B: KES 56,240

The defining moment: Valerie opted for the cheaper insurance option despite
advice to the contrary from the loan company. When she had an accident a few months later, her insurer refused to pay for the damages, leaving her in a
financial predicament and feeling misled by the insurance company.

How to Pick a Reputable Insurance Company

Check Claim Payment Ratio: Evaluate the company's claim payment ratio,
which indicates the number of claims paid versus the number of claims filed.
Higher percentages suggest better liquidity and management. You can download
annual and quarterly reports on claim payment ratios from the IRA ( Insurance
Regulatory Authority) website. Companies with high claim ratios also have extra
services like replacement vehicles in case of accidents for the duration of
repairs, roadside assistance, no claims bonuses, multi-policy discounts and
discounts for safety features installed in vehicles. They also score highly on
responsiveness, claim settlement efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.

Research Company Reputation: Utilize social media and news articles to
gauge public sentiment about the insurer. Positive reviews and news are
indicative of a reputable company.

Honesty about vehicle use: If your vehicle is being used for commercial
purposes, be honest about it when getting insurance. If you claim it’s used for
private activities and the insurance investigators find out that you’re using it to
generate money then the claim will not be paid.


Remember that insurance is about claim settlement not amount
of premiums required. Do not wait until you’ve had a negative
experience to learn this lesson.

In conclusion, James Thuo's positive experience highlights the importance of choosing a reputable insurer, while Valerie Nduma's ordeal underscores the potential consequences of prioritizing cost over reliability. By following the outlined criteria, individuals can make informed decisions when selecting comprehensive insuranceproviders, ensuring peace of mind and financial security in times of need.

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