Best Logbook Loan For Business Development By Land Planner In Mugutha Ruiru

Best Logbook Loan For Business Development By Land Planner In Mugutha Ruiru

Table of Contents

1.Logbook Loan Overview

2.Fast Affordable Loans For Business Expansion

3.Flexible Financing Tailored For SME Needs

4.Why You Should Secure Your Future Through Kifedha’s Logbook Loan

5.About Kifedha Limited

In this case study, we'll explore how James Gikera, a land planner based in Mugutha, Ruiru, utilized a logbook loan from Kifedha to overcome financial hurdles and execute crucial land planning contracts.

Logbook Loan Overview

Client: James Gikera
Age: 37 years
Location: Mugutha, Ruiru
Occupation: Land Planner
Need: Execute land planning contracts
Loan Amount: KES 600,000
Type of Loan: Logbook
Vehicle Used as Security: Isuzu FVR

Fast Affordable Logbook Loans For Business Expansion

James faced the challenge of securing funds to mobilize resources and staff for executing multiple land planning contracts. The competitive bidding process demanded him to perform at his highest level to secure future work.

Flexible Financing Tailored for SME needs

Kifedha's loan agent provided comprehensive guidance throughout the loan application process, from document collection to pushing the approval process. This facilitated a seamless experience for James, allowing him to focus on his projects.

Why You Should Secure Your Future Through Kifedha’s Logbook Loan

  • Clear Fees: James appreciated the transparent fee structure, which helped him understand the loan terms effectively.
  • Patient and Considerate Staff: The support provided by Kifedha's staff reassured James during the application process, They took the time to understand his needs and, provide solutions that address them ensuring a smooth experience.
  • Simple Application Process:. Kifedha facilitated a hassle-free application process, enabling James to focus on his land planning projects without unnecessary delays. With just a few easy steps, in the streamlined application process, James' loan was disbursed.

About Kifedha Limited

Kifedha Limited has been providing logbook loans since 2016, catering to various financial needs, including working capital, medical emergencies, and business expansion. With branches in strategic locations and a wide service area, Kifedha serves customers across Nairobi, Kiambu, Machakos, and Kajiado Counties.

James Gikera's experience highlights the significance of responsive financial solutions in empowering entrepreneurs to seize opportunities and overcome challenges. Kifedha's logbook loan played a crucial role in enabling James to execute his land planning contracts efficiently, showcasing the value of
accessible and transparent lending services.

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